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Bringing 27 Years Of Experience To Grafton!

Central New England K9 Academy


Matt Fischer, founder of Central New England K9 Academy, is excited to transition his 27 years of experience to Grafton, New Hampshire!
Matt was born in Connecticut and spent much of his childhood in both CT and ME. His love for the outdoors began at a young age, and to this day he continues to be an avid outdoorsman, enjoying fishing, camping and hunting. 
Some of his fondest early memories are hunting with his Grandfather, and as he began developing his own dogs into working roles,  his passion for training grew. He pursued his career in training, completing his program in 1999 from New England K9 Center. 
Since then, he has excelled working as a behaviorist in a variety of areas including reactive and aggressive dogs, obedience training, personal protection, and sport dogs. 
He strives to maximize the bond and communication between dog and human, to establish a well balanced companionship. 
No matter the breed, size or background, Matt's wealth of knowledge and passion has allowed dogs and their owners to live their happiest, safest and most fullfilling lives possible. 


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Project Manager

Dora Bridges

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